Diageo Team Building


Team Building


The great event organised by the Diageo Group to celebrate Christmas represents a unique opportunity for employees, sales staff and collaborators to meet together in an informal way.

This is a crucial moment for team building, to raise awareness of the annual results and stimulate reaching objectives for the coming year.

In the name of the purest form of edutainment the Diageopoli evening was created: a great big game organised as a surprise at the end of the formal dinner.

The Diageopoli board game was first created in a box and then reproduced in a jumbo-sized version for the evening-event: The PLAYING MAT became an enormous mat of 25sqm where iconic human pieces could move: some of those present drawn out from the audience were dressed to recall some of the group’s 5 big brands, then they were moved following the squares.

Each piece corresponded to a team which was challenged to answer questions in the Diageopoli quiz, made of specially created CARDS: easy and fun with multiple-choice questions. For the occasion all the questions were projected onto the walls so that everyone could read them.

The DICE of the game became a cube of almost one square meter made of rubber, so that it could be freely thrown around.

The teams had to challenge each other live in a number of disciplines, among which was making cocktails.

At the end of the evening all the participants received a real box containing the Diageopoli board game, a gift to take home, to continue learning and having fun. In the kit for the game, 5 samples of the Diageo liqueurs, the base for of the cocktails recreated during the challenge, represented the pieces for the players.